Specialized training – Sanctions risk management and sanctions investigation

Compliance Baltic SIA is offering a specialized online sanctions course in English.

Course objectives:

The course is designed for first two lines of defense within sanctions compliance and intended to bring together the full scope of sanctions compliance employees on a single training platform so that the first line defense gets a taste of what it is to be working on the second line of defense and deciding on tough matters and the second line of defense can get to know the experience of the first line at other organizations!

Target groups:

1st line of defense (e.g. payment screening teams who do real time payment screening) for the purpose of providing an overall comprehension of the global sanction regimes with a focus on the role of the real time screening well as providing practical know-how regarding sanctions investigation methods while performing payment screening.

2nd line of defense (e.g. sanctions officers and analysts) for the purpose of providing a more in-depth comprehension of the global sanction regimes with a focus on escalated sanctions hits analysis and monitoring controls as well as providing practical know-how regarding sanctions 2nd line investigation methods while ensuring overall sanctions compliance that encompasses onboarding, transactions post-monitoring and a broad spectrum of sanctions incidents and situations.

Next training will be organized in 8 March 2024. Usually the training starts at 10.00 and finishes 16.00. There is a 30 min. lunch break and 2 short 10 minutes coffee breaks. The total resting time does not exceed 1 hour.

Course takeaways:

The course is structured in a way that allows to combine sanctions theory with immediate practical examples under each course section as well as give the participants the necessary skill package for independent application in their daily operations diminishing their dependence from highly qualified sanctions officers of the respective organization in everyday situations. Every participant will receive a certificate attesting to the attendance after taking the apprehension test.

Course details:

Length: 7 academic hours
Costs: EUR 97 (+ VAT if applicable)

The course author and presenter – Saiva Krastiņa is a senior Sanctions Officer at one of the largest Latvian banks, mainly responsible for risk management and regulatory compliance at a group level for the Baltic region. Previously Saiva Krastiņa was a Latvian career diplomat and the Head of Sanctions Division at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Latvia. Saiva Krastiņa was a member of Latvia’s delegation to Moneyval and FATF and one of the drafters of the Latvian Law on Sanctions. Since 2018 she is providing seminars and training on sanctions for a wide variety of target audiences.
Detailed program “Specialized training – Sanctions risk management and sanctions investigation”

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Seminar, case study for professionals
“Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing (AML&CTF)”

Besides e-learning program developed in to the Anti-money laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing (AML&CTF) world Compliance Baltic also organizes seminars on-site discussion.
Experienced lecturers, experts in their fields share their experience by analyzing real world cases and provide information about topicality of AML&CTF domain. Seminars are dedicated to AML & CTF professionals whose responsibilities include the identification of suspicious transactions and investigation.

Detailed program of previous seminars:

4, 11.December, 2020 “Topicalities in AML&CTF for experts of finacial area” program.
29.November/6.December, 2019 „Topicalities in AML&CTF”” program (12 CAMS).
30.November/7.December, 2019 „Topicalities in AML&CTF”” program (13 CAMS).
23/28 February, 2018 Topicalities in AML&CTF for bank specialists“.
17 January, 2017 “Tax evasion – typical recognition signs in customer transactions”
13 January, 2017 “OECD CRS implementation issues”
15 April, 2016 “Suspicious transactions and transaction suspiciousness signs in the tax area”
7 April, 2016 ” “Topicalities in AML&CTF for Payment Institutions”
13-14 May, 2015 seminar „Development of internal control system for AML&CTF”
20 February, 2015 seminar program
8 May, 2014 seminar program.
1 November, 2013 seminar program.


Learning program
“Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing (AML&CTF) for bank specialist”

In cooperation with the Finance Latvia Association (FLA) the learning course “Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing (AML&CTF) for bank specialist” is developed.
Program consists of two level e-learning course and three days on-site training part.

To find more information please write: