E-learning course

Risks of AML&CTF

Today majority of countries, banks, financial and a number of non financial institutions have encountered with local and international legislation in the field of money laundering and terrorism financing prevention (AML&CTF). An essential element is to ensure adequate training for employees. Internal controls of a company will not work properly without having insight of AML&CTF area.

Compliance Baltic has developed an e-learning program that gives insight in to the AML&CTF world and offers explanations about main duties in this regard.

Compliance Baltic’s e-learning program gives the possibility to financial and non financial sectors companies to provide employees with the necessary knowledge as well as get their testing results in an easy and understandable form maintaining reasonable costs.

The e-learning program has been developed using the knowledge and experience of AML&CTF experts with practical experience in the financial industry for many years thus ensuring high quality of the product. Content of the program is sufficient to ensure employees with basic knowledge thus reducing risks for your company to be involved in money laundering or terrorism financing scandals as well as to avoid fins and sanctions from regulators due to insufficient staff training programs.

The training is available in Latvian, Lithuanian, Estonian and English.

One of the main emphasis of the e-learning program is to teach in a simply manner avoiding wording understandable only by experts. The training is intended for a wide spectrum in both, financial and nonfinancial sector.

To enhance the understanding and vigilance in AML/CRT area, we are pleased also to introduce the videocourse “Prevention of Money Laundering, Terrorism Financing, and Proliferation”
Videocourse covers different basic topics of area. Course consist of two levels (1:00h + 0:35h). The level one includes the topics what is and is not money laundering, extent of money laundering, process of money laundering, terrorism and proliferation financing recognition, the role of the private sector, impact and risks. Besides institutional system and importance of Internal control system are explained. Level two elucidate topics of customer due diligence and transaction supervision, PEP. In both level different case studies are analyzed. At the end of each level test is provided. After completing the course participant will receive confirmation certificate.
Price for course is 55 EUR + VAT (if applicable).
To apply to course please write to participant name, e-mail address, details of the payer.
The course is available also in Udemi platform.